Tony Margalis For Congress

Arizona's Congressional District 5
United We Stand - Divided We Fall

My name is Tony Margalis and I am running for the US House of Representatives in Arizona’s Congressional District 5.

I come from deep, blue-collar roots. Both my grandfather and father were hard-working boilermakers and belonged to the International Brotherhood-Boilermakers union in Boston.

Through a simple beginning at a Community College, I become an effective leader in industry who has led both local and global teams to create better working systems and better working environments. As an engineer in the high-tech industry, I have learned to diagnose problems and offer solutions based on factual evidence, not emotions and political pressure. To further my career, I recently went back to school and received an M.B.A. from the Hough Graduate School of Business at the University of Florida. My education and experience have taught me to solve problems, watch the bottom line, and not throw money away.

My wife Sarah (who I met while attending the University of Florida) is a full-time homemaker. We moved to the Mesa area six years ago and now have two lovely children, Luke and Anna, who are five and three. We are also blessed to be close to most of our family here in the East Valley. I understand the challenges of raising a family today. Not only do we have to pay the bills, we want our family to have access to quality education and healthcare along with positive role models running our country.

I have never been as concerned about our current state of our politics as I am now. For too long, the policies by the Administration, Andy Biggs, and the Freedom Caucus have deprived hard-working families like mine of quality education and affordable healthcare. I have been appalled by policies that do not support US citizens in need after a disaster and defund healthcare for children. These wrong-headed initiatives put our nation in more debt and line the pockets of corporations and the rich while increasing the wealth gap.

I never imagined myself running for public office, but I felt I could no longer sit around hoping someone else would step up and stop policies that fracture and dismantle our country. To stay in power, our leaders and representatives are purposely dividing us. We need to stop them. Our country is stronger when we work together. I firmly believe in “United We Stand – Divided We Fall” and will work hard to create a positive relationship with everyone in congress.

My father died suddenly when I was ten but my single-parent mom was able to use her smarts to successfully raise my brother, sister, and me on a shoe-string budget—an example I’ve followed ever since. I work smart, and hard, every day. I am very tenacious. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. When life brings a challenge, I have always pulled myself up by the bootstraps and kept moving forward.

Never has it been more important to elect to Congress a person who can represent your voice, someone who will act only in the best interest of the East Valley and its bright future. I believe I am capable of meeting that challenge.

I promise you that I will work hard, and smart, to be your voice in Washington and restore civility to congress. I look forward to the work ahead.